Tire Plant Technology

“It’s our knowledge of the big picture that adds value to the customer.”

New greenfield plants

Our passion is to build turnkey greenfield tire plants. Those that make a difference in efficiency, quality, and environmental friendliness – most of all in profitability.

Automation is nothing new. It is our knowledge of the big picture that adds value to customers: we master materials, products and manufacturing alike, and know how to fine-tune all customer processes to support profitability.

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Improved efficiency through process upgrades

Better efficiency does not require years-long investments or heavy extensions. Sometimes it is only a matter of a smart modification of the processes, testing methods or the state of robotizing/automation.

Whether you want to rebuild everything from scratch or just unify existing activities, we help to confirm that every function is state-of-the-art. It’s our job to analyze the current status and listen to your wishes, carefully.