About Us – Black Donuts

”We don’t just stand by our customer, but take an active role in achieving the goals.”

Your partner at tire industry

Black Donuts is an innovative and independent partner for tire manufacturers worldwide. With our unique team we can build a top-efficient tire factory, start the production, and run the R&D. Our strength is that we know the tire manufacturing process from inside out.

We are growing fast to become a major global player in the tire industry, and we are constantly looking for new partners to share our lust for turnkey solutions in all fields of tire manufacture and technology.

“We enjoy developing the industry and finding new solutions through good partnership.”

We are motivated by our passion to be on the cutting edge of tire technology. Our goal is not only in well-done projects but in building valuable long-term relationships with our customers, developing the tire industry together.

For us, the only way to success is to make our customers successful. Only the results count.


Film: Black Donuts Engineering – Introduction