Meet us at ITEC 2016!

In case you want to meet our experts, we hope to see you at ITEC, International tire Exhibition & Conference at Akron, during September 13-15 2016. You can find us in our booth #501 or you can make an appointment in advance.      

BD Way huipentui Nohevien näytelmään

Vuoden alussa käynnistynyt koulutus kirkasti konsernin tavoitteita, tuunasi toimintatapoja ja lujitti työyhteisöä. BDE-konsernin kulisseissa on kuohunut koko alkuvuoden mutta ei rikkoen vaan rakentaen. Astioiden sijaan ilmaan ovat lennelleet ajatukset, joita on houkutellut esiin yhteistyökumppani Patrik Anckar. Tuuletusten ja työpajojen tavoitteena on ollut yhtenäistää koko konsernin toimintatavat ja kirkastaa kaikille, mitkä ovat yhteiset strategiset tavoitteet ja […]

New talents wanted!

Black Donuts Engineering is now strengthening R&D capacity! We are looking for more professionals to join our TBR and agricultural product development team. In addition, we are expanding and strengthening our capacity in the area of material development, aiming at appointing a new tire materials specialist in the course of the summer. See the detailed job […]

Black Donuts develop, test and consult

First published in Euroopan Komission Suomen Eduston uutiskirje Ajassa 5/2016 Pirkkala-based Black Donuts Engineering has been awarded EU funding for new innovation research. The company offers consulting and testing services for tire industry worldwide.   In the beginning of 2016, several Finnish companies received a grant of 50 000 Euros by the European Commission under […]

Appointment news

Black Donuts Engineering is pleased to announce the appointments of Ari Notko and Juha Manninen as Project Engineers. Ari has a couple of years experience in the tire industry. His role at Black Donuts Engineering involves designing and developing Tire Structures, Tire Mold Contours and making FEM-analysis for tires. Juha has extensive experience in tire […]

New website

Black Donuts new website is open.